Thursday, May 28, 2015

Add Color in Time for Summer to your Outdoor Space!

It’s time to spice up your outdoor space just in time for summer!

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer so begin dusting off last years furniture and lets start designing a new outdoor space! Color is a great way to revamp your existing furniture.  Try throwing on new cushions or toss pillows in a bold color like orange or lime green!
Pattern pillows can add interest and are an inexpensive way to change your look. Use outdoor area rugs to delineate your seating area or cover a tired looking deck or patio.  They come is many styles, colors and pattern so finding one to coordinate your decor should be a breeze. 

Add container gardens to fill in empty corners and limit the need to purchase additional furniture.  Flowers and plants are a low cost way of adding texture and color.  Add a few fragrant plants such as Lilac and Heliotrope to envelope all your senses.  These small changes will give a new look and feel to your outdoor area!  

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Time for graduation

 *  Time For Graduation *

Sadly, May 19th marked the end of my internship at
Marlaina Teich Designs.
However, I am extremely lucky to have had such an amazing experience
this year with such lovely ladies!

Starting out filing fabrics and wallpapers, eventually moving up to blogging, attending design events and projects has been amazing!
Having all the opportunities that I did as a 17 year old is something I will
never forget.  
Marlaina, Genie & Analee are all women whom I admire and feel I have gotten close to throughout this experience. 
I have learned more about design and the interior design business these
past months then I ever thought I would.
Walking through the MTD doors every Tuesday and Friday has been
something I looked forward to each week and I am so grateful to have  been
a part of their crew for this year.
Seeing all they have accomplished this  year alone is only a heads up for what is to come for Marlaina Teich Designs!

I can't wait to see where my future takes me in the design world and maybe
you'll see me on my own blog in the future!


Of course I couldn't leave without taking a photo shoot with the rest of the MTD crew so here are some of the shots we got!

Until the next time!
XOXO Jenny 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Homes of Distinction Tour: Continued

You read about the chic living room and extravagant marble kitchen and 
the fun doesn't just stop there!
 Once you are finished with the first floor, this 3 story home continues to have
many hidden perks that you can't pass up! 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Working your way upstairs, you enter a floor of luxurious relaxation. After a long day you are most likely looking to wind down, and if you weren't relaxed enough in the garden viewed sun room than the master bedroom will hit the spot!
This room is nothing less than fit for a king and a queen! Jumping into a gigantic bed, which faces a porch that overlooks the water, is only one of the many perks of having a room like this to call yours! Just when you thought it couldn't get better, the attached bathroom has heated floors to keep your feet warm when stepping out of a refreshing bath!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It only gets better from here!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

No room is left forgotten, which is proven when you walk down a few flights of stairs to enter the basement! From a gym completed with a sauna, a t-v screen descending from the ceiling and an indoor turf field, you will never be bored!

Each space is a work of art in its own, creating one collective environment which screams perfection! 

This "House of Perfection" wouldn't be possible without 
the amazing creativity and design of:

Architect: Fox Diehl
Interior Designer: Andrew J. Van Etten Inc.
Construction: McNulty Development Corp.
Furnture: DCL Furniture Manufacturing Corporation

~ Jenny

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Homes of Distinction Tour 2015

Saturday April 25th marked the 2015 Homes of Distinction Tour.
5 professionally-designed residences were open to explore with just a purchase of a ticket! The event was held to benefit the families of 9/11 veterans, especially their children.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the “Built to Perfection” home, which was no lie! This home went above and beyond in creating a beautiful safe haven for this family to relax and entertain in.

Walking up to this house you can begin to imagine 
just how amazing the rest of the home will be. 
Once you step foot into the home you are speechless! The rich, lacquered navy dining room walls create a fabulous contrast to the subtle grey and blue living room. 
Pops of vibrant blues and oranges connect the living room with a beautiful sun room, filled with garden views.

Moving your way to the back of the house you will find yourself in awe 
by the refreshing kitchen. 
The marble counter tops tie together a space that any chef’s heart would desire! Connected to the kitchen is a second living space. 
If the huge windows and blue couch didn't get your attention, the antler chandelier definitely will! 

Stop by soon to check out what was done to the master bedroom and basement. 
whether you're looking for a space to relax or run around, 
you will be left speechless! 

This "House of Perfection" wouldn't be possible without 
the amazing creativity and design of:

Architect: Fox Diehl
Interior Designer: Andrew J. Van Etten Inc.
Construction: McNulty Development Corp.
Furniture: DCL Furniture Manufacturing Corporation 

~ Jenny 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Splash of Tile

   Splash of Tile ! 

Looking for a way to jazz up your home!? 
If so bright tiles are a GREAT way to go! Most people think tile is only meant for
bathrooms or floors but, believe it or not, tiles can be used just about everywhere!
From sinks to staircases the options are endless! 

Steps to using fun tiles:

  1. Look for colorful and interesting patterns
  2. Make sure it fits into your color scheme
  3. Incorporate it into a simplistic environment (allowing the tile to stand out)

Following these steps will create a fun space while catching people's attention


Friday, March 20, 2015

Dining by Design NY 2015

Dining by Design

Last night New York City was full of hustle, bustle and excitement as usual, especially over Dining by Design! This five day event fundraises for DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) which is one of the country’s largest supporters of people living with AIDS and preventive education for those at risk.

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I met up with my friends Tyler Wisler of HGTV & George to the Rescue and Bobby Berk of Bobby Berk Home which always is a blast!

The pictures below are some of the gorgeous designs from the event…. Plus a little look at Tyler, Bobby and me ! 

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Being at an event with such captivating and intricate designs shaped a night filled with laughs and good company to be even more priceless.

Take a look at DIFFA's website to see how you can make a difference!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Modernism Week - Design Plan

The Design Plan

Before the girls and I could set out to warm and sunny Palm Springs I had to formulate my design. The color direction for the master bath was green and blue which is PERFECT to create a masculine look.



              Every design starts with an inspiration which molds the whole look. Wondering what that was? Marble walls! This element weaved together the whole look by creating a base for the design. By blending in rich variations of navy and emerald I was able to accomplish a fresh and clean look.


Now, flat colors are NEVER fun. 
When thinking of how I could add some spice into the room my mind flew directly 
to √† wallpaper! Lacquered Stri√© and Mad For Plaid by Phillip Jefferies were the winning choices! These components added personality to the space, intriguing people to take a peek!

    After deciding on the furniture, 
the final step was the accessories! Intricate lighting, artwork and plants were used to complete the space.

Once the design was set and ready to go, so were we! 
Saturday February 7th, the girls and I woke up bright and early, said goodbye to  cold and snowy New York and hello to sunny California!