Friday, February 6, 2015


Color = Exciting & Fun                Black = Rich & Elegant

      When you think of your bedroom door you probably think of something that lets you walk in and out of a room. If I asked you to recall any of the details of it you most likely wouldn’t know what to say, other than that it’s a white/ brown rectangle. There’s a way to change this: COLOR!! It seems so simple and it is! Painting your door with a color can increase the drama of that room adding an extra element of design. Using bright colors such as coral, candy apple red and capri will brighten up the room adding supplementary light. On the other hand, using a deep color such as black will create an ambiance of elegance and richness. All it takes in a trip down to any hardware store to gain these extra design points!
~ Jenny G.
***All images were used from various websites.***

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall Trends 2014

What’s New This Fall?

"Striking silhouettes, handcrafted detail, and highlight of seductive textures appear to reign supreme this fall …"
- James Saavedra, Saavedra Design Studio

Left to Right: Natural Curiosities, Massoud, Jaxon Home

 Incorporating the elements of nature will create a dramatic visual impact on your space. Adding bold and exotic styles that people can’t help but touch, adds energy to a room. Texture doesn't only mean fabrics anymore, it also pertains to art. Natural Curiosities’ Daedalus is comprised of 3,000 hand-painted feathers gathered to create a beautiful piece of work.

   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

This fall we are giving more attention to the shape of furniture.  Using curves, bold hard edges and even clear sides invents a playful form that will evoke a curiosity and excitement to a room.  Some designers to check out are: Calligaris, Caracole and B. Pila Design.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

Handcrafted Detail:

Abstract, organic, rough textures and dark earth tones are the way to go this season. Mixing traditional techniques with hand woven fabrics create a cultural environment.  Arteriors and M.A Trading are two places to check out. Arteriors luxurious traditional accessories and M.A Trading’s unique bold pieces will help accomplish this look.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

West Elm is a company that excels in handcrafted home products. They collaborate with 20 artisan groups in 15 countries. Their process is a combined effort of different workers doing different tasks. There is 1 hand-carver to make the block à 2 hand-block printers to print the patterns à 4 women to hand stitch the quilt = 7 craftspeople to make one hand blocked quilt.       

~ Jenny G.

Friday, October 31, 2014

A Look into High Point Market 2014: STYLE SPOTTERS

For anyone that doesn't have the chance to make it to High Point Market this year this is the place to get a glimpse at what the Style Spotters are marking in and what is out.

All products from Arteriors

Nicole Gibbons:
As we shy away from chevron patterns and faux taxidermy animals, gold and brass accents are moving in strong. Incorporating these accents into your home will create a warm space with a hint of luxury. 


One place to check out is Arteriors who collaborates with experienced artisans and manufacturers around the world. Working in materials such as leather, iron, bronze, and much more, they can help you accomplish a warm luxurious look. Their one-of-a-kind products include traditional accessories in classical materials focusing on lighting, wall décor, decorative accessories and furniture. 

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

                                                                  Michelle Workman:

Left à Right 
Top two pieces: Taylor King 
Bottom two pieces: Bunny Williams & Tonic Living
Some unexpected trends are coming out of High Point Market this year such as marbleizing products. Marbleizing furniture and accessories is a great way to put a modern spin on any unnoticed piece. Furthermore, making its way back from the 1920’s is Art Deco! Rich colors and bold geometric shapes will vamp up any room creating a glamorous space. Adding touches of these ideas will add style to your home and will make people go "WOW!"

To guide you on your path to glamour this season is Taylor King. Flourishing in handcrafted custom upholstered furniture this company will devise a piece to look like a masterpiece. They sell various types of seating options from ottomans to reclining chairs. Including Taylor King’s pieces in your home will give life to a room with style and function. 

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Links to products shown above:

Bunny Williams ~

All ideas are from elle decor's website 
 take a look at these trends 
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Monday, December 30, 2013

End of 2013 Recap

It's been a pretty exciting year at MTD.  Lot's of fun projects- so many master bedroom redos! Seems that having a special, private retreat has been top of mind for many of our clients.  A close second was the family room.  Deep sectionals in textural fabrics ... not to mention a few daring moments with velvet!  Dining rooms were all about glamour this year with over scaled metallic wallpaper patterns still going strong. The crystal of the chandeliers reflecting glittery light patterns off the metallic probably encouraged a bit more than the usual appetites!

One of my favorite projects this year was a "Destination Design" project for a client's home in the Dominican Republic. Sourcing and installing in the DR was actually a fun twist for us! I made so many new contacts there and worked with a great team of contractors and installers.  Of course, having my design team travel with me was a great experience. Genie and Analee were terrific on site and really helped pull all the details together.

Super Storm Sandy left too many victims rebuilding their homes.  We helped quite a few clients with their efforts- new walls, floors, kitchens, baths... the list seemed endless but in the end their homes were brought back to the comfortable havens they deserved.  George Oliphant of WNBC TV's George To The Rescue came calling at MTD and we worked with him and an amazing, dedicated team of electricians and sub contractors to help The Weyant family of Freeport  put their home back together.  That was the project that touched my heart the most - the tears that were shed at the reveal didn't just come from Priscilla and Cody that day.

The economy must be rebounding - we have no less than three new home builds on Long Island we are working with clients on, one full house renovation in the Hamptons, a NYC upper west side apartment renovation and decoration, and quite a few multi room projects as well.  Phew! Amazingly, we still have plenty of energy for whatever new project knocks on our doors in the new year.

Thank you 2013 for being so generous to us.  Here's to your successor - 2014 - and all the promise that the New Year brings!



Friday, November 16, 2012

Table Setting Ideas for your Thanksgiving Feast!

Need idea's for your Thanksgiving table? Not sure what you have that could make a nice centerpiece? Don't stess you came to the right place!! I have selected some images and tips that will help anyone create a lovely table that is both festive and affordable.      

Use clear glass for tableware to keep it visually clean and select one type of flower preferably a large bloom that takes up space so you only need to purchase a few.  

·         Use a neutral palette in similar tones to keep the tabletop simple. Here pumpkins painted cream and pillar candles running down the center of the table is a nice centerpiece that is easy and inexpensive.  

·         Make your own centerpiece from items found in nature to save money and these can be tossed after the season to reduce unnecessary clutter.

·         Try using other materials instead of table linens to line your serving area for a new look.  Brown paper is an unexpected by easy option that can serve as protection but can also be written on and then thrown away after the meal. 

·         Using colored chargers matching the table décor can tie the table setting together and is a great frame for plain dinner plates. 

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Breath new life into your bedroom!

One of the easiest, most wallet friendly way to transform your bedroom is with paint! Bored in the bedroom? Try painting the ceiling in a dramatic swath of color. Try a deep shade of sage or even a bluish gray color, depending on your color scheme Looking for romance? Try one of the metallic paints that are available by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. The light that reflects off this metallic finish is soft and seductive.

Paint an accent wall!

Painting an accent wall in the bedroom is something anyone can do. I love to use the wall behind the bed as the prime location for this. You can paint it simply with a color that is two shades deeper than the main color in the room. Or be bolder by using one of the many stencil patterns that can be found online. Global themes are on trend right now, and a moroccan pattern is really easy to achieve and will really add a pop of pattern to the accent wall. Painting horizontal stripes on the accent wall is a great way to play with scale. I like to tape off 18" stripes horizontally and then paint alternating tones of one color on each strip.

Transform your bedroom quickly and affordably!

Paint an old side table in a high gloss black. Instantly modernizes any style. Really gutsy?? Paint an old wood floor instead of refinishing it. Check out the local paint supply store for the best paints to use and the proper way to prep the floor.

Why these projects are a great idea!

Any of these projects can be completed in a day or a weekend. Paint is a fun way to explore color and a way to create a new mood in the bedroom. It's affordable and easy to redo when you want to make another change down the road.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Small Change = Big Impact

Sometimes the easiest way to make a style update is to bring in a bold pattern - which is what we did at our design studio. Big trend alert for 2012- OVERSIZED Stripes! Modernize any room by switching out an existing area rug with bold colored, large scale patterns. And jewel tones are totally on trend this year as well.